Buy now pay later with Argos. Before you spend more money up front than what your budget really allows, you might want to consider the Argos buy now pay later option offered for purchases made in store, online and out of their catalogue. In order to take advantage of this payment option, you are first going to need an Argos card. You can apply for the card by filling out the application form online or by calling 0845 640 0701. With your Argos card, you can make use of the buy now pay later Argos payment plan with nearly any purchase.

You can get any of the following electrical items on finance from a number of different retailers including Argos, such as:

  • Laptops – top brands including Samsung, Acer, Toshiba and Panasonic
  • Tablets – including the new iPad 3
  • Televisions – including LCD, LED, Plasma and 3D TV’s
  • Games Consoles – such as the Xbox 360, PS3 and PS Vita
  • Cameras – DSLR, Digital and Video cameras
  • Mobile Phones – including the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the iPhone

When you opt for the buy now pay later option, you are given a period of time that is based on the price of the item where you do not have to pay anything until after that period. To further illustrate this concept, if you are purchasing an item that is up to £98.99 then you will not have to pay anything for up to 59 days. The more you spend, the longer you have before you have to make a payment. For items that are between £99 and £199, there is a three month pay nothing period. In addition to the cost of the item, the nature of the item also factors into the pay nothing period.

For instance, for most items that are priced £199 and up, the pay nothing period is six months, but if you are buying furniture that is priced £199 and up, then the pay nothing period is extended to 12 months. Other exceptions to the six month pay period on items £199 and up include large kitchen appliances priced £249.99 and up and televisions that are priced £499 and up. Both kitchen appliances and television sets have a 12 month pay nothing period when using the buy now pay later option. Any jewelry priced £250 and up is eligible for 12 months interest free credit, and any fitted kitchen is eligible for two years interest free credit.

There are no fees associated with neither the Argos card nor the buy now pay later option that are not clearly outlined, so you do not have to worry about receiving a shocking bill in the mail telling you that you owe much more than you originally anticipated. There is a representative 29.9% APR (variable) for all buy now pay later plans. There are also no annual fees for the Argos card so there is no need to worry if you sign up for the card and do not use it. Other than that, the only other fee that might be applied to your purchase is a late fee in the event that you miss a payment. This late fee is £12, and will be applied for a late payment fee, returned cheque fee, returned direct debit fee, over credit limit fee, collections letter fee, and a tracing fee. As long as you make payments on time, this plan makes buying necessary, but expensive items a less stressful ordeal.

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