Boden Review

If you’re looking for the latest fashions and reliable brand names but your bank account is still hurting from the holidays, consider Buy Now Pay Later catalogues. These allow you to spread out your monthly payments over an extended period of time. One of the most well-known BNPL catalogues is Boden’s. Founded in 1991 with just 8 menswear products, this catalogue has grown into one of the UK’s most notable purveyors of men’s and women’s fashions, furniture, toys, and electricals.

Here’s how it works: First, you register through the site, creating a user name and password. Then you set up an account (you need to be 18 or older to do this). This account makes you eligible to purchase products through the site and to pay them off in installments. Each month, you will receive a billing statement from Boden with a breakdown of your purchases thus far, you outstanding balance, the minimum payment due during that billing cycle, and the payment due date. Interest rates on the balance can vary depending on how much you pay per month and how timely those payments are made, but it generally hovers around 39.9%. Making the payments is easy; you can send it in to the company, you can pay over the phone, or you can pay through the site. Boden accepts most major credit and debit cards, though be advised that there may be a reasonable convenience fee associated with some cards.

Once you’ve set up your account and made your purchases, Boden will give you an approximate delivery date. For most orders, there will be a standard delivery fee of no more than £4. Larger items may require addition fees and taxes. Boden delivers all over the UK and to most places on the globe, and if you’re not there when the delivery person arrives, you can call the company to arrange a more convenient delivery time. Standard delivery usually takes around 2 days, and international delivery usually takes around 3. If for any reason you’re not entirely happy with your purchase, Boden’s has a No Quibble policy that allows you up to three months to decide whether or not you want to return it. Should you choose to return it, simply send it back for a refund or exchange it for an item of equal value—no questions asked! Boden’s pay monthly payment plan also lets customers pay for what they buy on a monthly basis.

Boden offers countless promotions to suit different groups of customers; this allows them to tailor their inventory to your liking. Discount codes are often available for returning customers; these may trim off a small portion of the cost of the item, or they may be good for free delivery. In addition to these, Boden is constantly holding sales to help unload overstocked inventory. Presently, shoppers can save up to 60% through the company’s annual Winter sale, which features astounding deals on men’s, women’s, and children’s fashions. All you need is a computer and a bank account, and you can have access to some of the best deals on the web!