Beds are some of the more expensive pieces of furniture in the house. Everyone needs to feel like royalty in bed but a good bed demands high prices which many cannot afford. Catalogues are a great way of shopping for furniture especially beds. The best thing about catalogue shopping is that one can do it right at home with the goods delivered right in the house or bedroom for that matter. Catalogues are becoming more and more popular as people turn to them for their good deals. Many catalogues offer discounts, credit lines and free delivery.

The more notable furniture catalogues are Oakfurnitureland, Very, K&Co. Furniturevillage, Littlewoods and Isme. These catalogues offer very competitive deals in all kinds of furniture. A good bed goes for upwards of £600 while some beds will ask for £1500. Clearly this kind of money is hard to come by in these difficult times and everyone could do with a discount. Some catalogues are having discounts of up to 50% if paid in cash.

Since not many can afford the cash, the buy now pay later option is very attractive. All one has to do is open an account with one of these catalogues, get approved and shop for the bed on credit. The credit rating of the applicant is usually factored in, but some catalogues will just ignore and trust the applicant. Buy now and pay later is very easy on many shoppers as it gives the opportunity to have and use the bed and pay later in small amounts.

A buy now pay later option can be as low as £1.50 per week for a £239 bed. In a month one can expect to pay £6. Some catalogues will offer up to 3 years before the credit starts to attract interest. In addition, one has the option not to make payments in the first 12 months. When coupled with a 10% initial discount, this kind of deal is very easy on the pocket. At times, the catalogue offers a money back guarantee if the product is not satisfactory.

Find great deals for beds on finance when you shop online at Littlewoods, K and Co or Oak Furniture Land.

While looking around for a buy now pay later deal for a bed, it is important to check out the APR (annual Percentage Rate). This is simply the amount of interest the credit line will attract once the grace period expires. Many catalogues will not list this as it may discourage shoppers but it is crucial to know before committing to the deal. At times the APR might be as high as 39%. Some catalogues like K&Co. do not have any APR on their credit.

A bed is a humongous piece of furniture which can be cumbersome to move around. Many catalogues will offer to deliver it free of charge. Some will go ahead and offer to return it to the store for free if the client is unhappy. Clearly, picking the buy now and pay later option is very easy for many shoppers who cannot afford the purchase price at one go. It is easy on the pocket.

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