Discount sales – Kaleidoscope’s online Catalogue

Kaleidoscope is a catalogue shop based in the UK and catering to women fashion clothing and items. They specialise in making unique clothing items from lace, sequins and beads. The catalogue shop caters exclusively to women but with a very wide range of women’s wear in stock. They are a label by themselves with their unique cut and patterns apparent in all their items.

Product range
Kaleidoscope stocks all manner of women clothing and accessories. Boleros, coats, shrugs, blouses, trousers, shorts are all to be found in their stores. They also stock special event wear for example party and evening gowns alongside footwear. Other items that are on offer are home items especially clothe based items like curtains, beddings, rugs etc. Most of the items are fashioned along the lines of bright and dark patterns to give that kaleidoscopic look which is very attractive to the eye.

Kaleidoscope are offering a Happy new year 20% off bargain. In addition, anyone who signs up with their newsletter gets free delivery on items purchased.

Online Shopping
One can request a catalogue online and order the items on the catalogue from home via different methods. The easier option however, is doing it online. This is even easier for those with an account. Shopping becomes a breeze as it is just a matter of adding the items to your cart and waiting for the delivery and statement at the end of the month. Alternatively, if you are a one time shopper, just enter your debit/credit card details and pick your choice.

Buy now and pay later with Kaleidoscope
The personal account on kaleidoscope gives the holder the benefit of enjoying numerous offers and bargains. With the option of buying and paying later, one can hold an item for up to 14 days without paying for it, and decide whether to return or buy it. A further 14 days are interest free during which payment done will attract nil interest even if they were done on credit. After the lapse of the 28 days, the APR attracted is at 29.9% which is way below that of many other catalogues. Spreading the cost is very easy on the pocket for many shoppers who cannot afford high priced items. Some dresses that may go for up to £55 may go for as low as £5 in payable installments with spread costs. Methods of making accrued payments include direct debit, credit/debit card and direct bank deposit. Paying is really made easy for any shopper.

Delivery and return
There is a £3.99 standard charge on delivery for fashion and small home items. For next day delivery, another £2 is charged. Larger and heavier items are charge between £10 and £25 for delivery depending on the weight and bulkiness. For those that are signed up with their newsletter, delivery is free. Returns are done according to terms and conditions. As many of the items are clothing, they are non-returnable if they are contact items e.g. lingerie but coats and footwear can be returned.