K & Co Catalogue Review

K & Co is the combination of three shopping outlets: Kays, Great Universal, and Empire Stores. The company offers an enormous range of products, from toys to evening wear to furniture. The website provides great bargain opportunities, like up to fifty percent off on certain items or three items for the price of two. Each week brings new opportunities for savings. For many items, standard two-day delivery is free, so long as the purchase is mad before 11 PM. There is also the Flexible Delivery option, which costs £4.95, and allows for next-day delivery, so long as the purchase is made by 8PM the day before. There are also 4,000 shops from which customers can collect their purchases in person instead of having them delivered. Financing can be flexible; opening an account allows customers to save ten percent on their first purchase.

K & Co uses a Buy Now Pay Later system by which the customers are not obligated to begin paying off their purchases for ten to twelve months. This requires a minimum payment of £50 and is only available at 32.9% APR. Interest does not begin until the end of the Buy Now Pay Later period and can be avoided by paying off the amount in full before then. For those shoppers wishing to lengthen the financing period, K & Co allows you to spread the cost over two or even three years, though in these cases interest will being accruing at the time of purchase. Regular shoppers can earn rewards points to use toward other purchases; these usually accrue with every £20. K & Co offers three levels of rewards: Silver, Gold, and Platinum, with each level entailing an increased percentage of average savings.

Customers can check their rewards statuses at any time through the company’s website, which provides a “rewards calculator” that converts in pounds the potential savings on any items. Additionally, rewards users can receive up to ten percent rebates on certain items. The site also includes a section called The Coffee Lounge, where customers can discuss fashion, play games, and browse image archives of different clothing items. Many of K & Co’s products have been featured in such magazines as She, Woman’s Weekly, and Good Housekeeping.

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